Sad Sad Rain – a Reason for Hope

Pop Music, Acid Rain, and our Climate Challenge I grew up in the 1980's when the radio waves were a-rift with iconic pop tunes disguising omens of apocalyptic doom. Remember Nena's "99 Luft Balloons"? Nuclear War. Rush's "Distant Early Warning"? A suite of doomsday scenarios.  Platinum Blonde's "Sad Sad Rain" ? At that time I … Continue reading Sad Sad Rain – a Reason for Hope

In the Weeds

Gardeners are a congenial lot who enjoy their bucolic settings. It is hard to rustle their feathers. Even in Fort McMurray's online gardening community, members are extremely respectful when discussing the different approaches to horticulture. Mention glyphosate however, and they stand alert. Tell them that the city will spray the Birchwood trail newly-developed firebreak with … Continue reading In the Weeds

Kinder Morgan – the View from Over the Fence

When we had to rebuild our wooden fence a few years back, I let our contractor talk me into a six- footer. “It’s the legal limit” he said. Right after the last nail was hammered, we immediately regretted the decision and longed to have back our more “neighbourly” five- foot fence. But it was too … Continue reading Kinder Morgan – the View from Over the Fence